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  • 2012-03-05 Conference Call

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1. Community Updates
    * Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group.
           o TWSIA Portfolio Award
              + 2012 TWSIA Information
              + Application deadline extended: March 9, 2012
    * Portfolio Visioning.
          o Meeting with T&L with Sakai OAE every Friday, 11 AM EST.
              + T & L w/OAE met again last Friday, March 2nd, Lynn demoed new content editing capability and then talked about minispec re: task; this Friday, March 9th will work on use cases Note: the concept of a task is very generic at this point, could include linking task to outcome, e.g., portfolio task
                   - Members of this group went to Teaching and Learning with OAE site to look at minispec for task and Lynn's sample, Susan's Senior Portfolios (*)
                   - It is possible to create a template, much like Presentation Maker, that you can share with students; PDFs will be created or links to work can be added
          o Friday 11 AM EST Phone Bridge.
          o For previous information see Portfolio Visioning for Sakai OAE.
    * Ongoing OSP Community Projects.
          o OSP Help
          o Upgrading portfolio pages on the Sakai Project website.
    * Planning for Sakai 2012 Conference - announcement to come out this week.
          o Proposing half-day functional workshop, half-day technical workshop. Tech Fest table, OSP Innovations Panel.
          o Find or make OSP Community banner for Tech Demo. - Chris will follow up to find banner