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  • Cleaning Tomcat for Redeployment

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While it is often better to start with a fresh installation of Tomcat, sometimes it is useful to just clean out all traces of Sakai from Tomcat and redeploy.

Procedure for Sakai 11+

Tomcat 8

Shut Tomcat down. From the Tomcat directory:

  • components
    • Delete everything
  • endorsed (Sakai 12+ only)
    • Delete everything
  • lib
    • Delete everything except:
      • The original jars that came with Tomcat
        • Either keep a list of these and exclude them from the deletion (see Linux Tip below) or re-copy from a freshly-extracted Tomcat 8
      •  your database drivers (see Linux Tip below)
        • Note that if you are using the MariaDB driver shipped with Sakai 11, you can safely delete it and it will be restored when you deploy Sakai
      • For Linux (substituting ecj-<version>.jar, and <your database driver>); tested in tomcat 8.0.32, and tomcat 8.0.33:

        Code Block
        cd /opt/tomcat/lib
        shopt -s extglob
        rm -rf !(annotations-api.jar|catalina-ant.jar|catalina-ha.jar|catalina-storeconfig.jar|catalina-tribes.jar|catalina.jar|ecj-<version>.jar|el-api.jar|jasper-el.jar|jasper.jar|jsp-api.jar|servlet-api.jar|tomcat-api.jar|tomcat-coyote.jar|tomcat-dbcp.jar|tomcat-i18n-es.jar|tomcat-i18n-fr.jar|tomcat-i18n-ja.jar|tomcat-jdbc.jar|tomcat-jni.jar|tomcat-util-scan.jar|tomcat-util.jar|tomcat-websocket.jar|websocket-api.jar|<your database driver>)
  • temp
    • Delete everything
  • webapps
    • Keep ROOT (if you have it)
    • Delete everything else (see Linux Tip below)
  • work
    • Delete everything