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This tool has been developed by Samoo in a collaborative effort from 5 Spanish Universities: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Universidad de Lleida, Universidad de Murcia, Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia and Universidad Pública de Navarra.

You can test a demo here.


12/09/2017 - This tool is currently deprecated, there are no contributions / volunteers to maintain it. If you're interested in make contributions contact the Sakai Dev list


  • Check server status - indicates the connection status between the server and client.
  • Room listings – list of available meetings.
  • Creating a room – allows you to create a room and specify the room properties such as room name, room type, maximum number of users.
  • Scheduling – set the dates & times for when a meeting will begin & finish, or for how often a meeting will occur over a fixed period of time.
  • Accessing rooms – the ability to set the permissions for users entering a room. The user will either be a moderator or a guest. The moderator will have more privileges over the guest.
  • Notifications – To notify other Sakai users about video conference events you can; add a calendar event, announce the video conference session, send e-mail notifications.
  • Editing a room – change the properties of a room.
  • Deleting rooms – remove a room.