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11-18-2010 Sakai Atlanta Call

Cheap options

  • GA Tech space
  • End of April
  • Around $150 per person
  • Would have to arrange AV, wireless --> To investigate
  • April 25-26

Not so cheap <-- Prefered

  • GA Tech conference facilities (Global Learning Center)
  • Around $250 per person
  • AV and wireless included
  • April 18-20

  • Look for end of March as well
  • 2 days

Format notes:

  • Record only the rooms where traditional sessions are presented
  • People bring their questions, turn those prompts into unconference sessions
  • Invite GA Tech faculty to a special field trip event
  • Panel presentation with members of the Sakai community
  • Break to faculty on registration cost, get sponsors involved
  • Who's planning to come, how many?
    • Use a Confluence page
  • Expose to the Sakai community, let people discuss
  • Get a call for proposal out there ASAP to let people prepare
    • We need the date to move forward
  • Mathieu to clean up the page for wider distribution