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  • 10 Nov 2010 Conference Call

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10 Nov 2010 Conference Call

Live notes:

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Portfolio:  Progress and Status from the Portfolio Groups


Sign-up and follow-up at



Pad Notes (see Minutes at bottom)

Teaching and Learning Group

10 Nov 2010 Conference Call
* Dial 1-888-447-7153 (International callers: 1-719-387-1138)
* Enter in passcode: 917798 (the hit #)
* Listen to music until "moderator" starts the call
* Need help? Call tech support at 1-877-807-0970


* Mathieu Plourde, University of Delaware
* Rob Coyle, Johns Hopkins
* Robin Hill, Wyoming
* Janice Smith, Three Canoes
* Ken Romeo, Stanford
* Amber D. Evans, VT
* Lynn Ward, Indiana University
* David Goodrum
* Kate Ellis, Indiana
* Nate Angell
* Salwa Khan, Texas State
* Randy Thornton, rSmart
* Maggie Ricci, Indiana University
* Kim Thanos (EtherPad only from Kuali Days) (minutes are at the bottom)

1. Portfolio:  Progress and Status from the Portfolio Groups

Portfolio Visioning


2. Reports from Sub-Groups

T&L Design Lenses

Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award

Distance Learning

Student Engagement

3. Sakai Documentation

Review of current resources
* KB Docs, maintained by Indiana
* End-user Confluence pages
* Institutional files

Shortcomings include
* Lack of guidance for skilled users
* Responsibility for updates
* Lack of clear process to contribute documentation back to the OOTB help files, which leads to duplication of efforts

Process for Sakai 3?

Sign-up and follow-up at

4. XWiki Integration

Volunteers and tasks:


1.  Discussion about who will take notes for next quarter.
2.  Discussion about which Etherpad service to use.  Switching to Titanpad for greater capacity.


First topic:  Portfolio Group Work.

JS:  Started at Sakai Denver with a look at institutional work taking place for Sakai OAE.  Five virtual meetings thus far, Tuesday afternoons, every two weeks, 4-5 PM EST.  Lots of support, some new participants, total of 37 people from 15 U.S., 2 Canadian, 3 Japanese, one U.K., one Irish, I Dutch, 1 South African, and 1 Australian institutions. (Statistics!  You go, Jan.)  Working toward concrete outcomes.

Personas (will include minispecs)-- supplementing existing Sakai persona set to illustrate portfolio needs. 
Reporting-- providing input intended for Sakai OAE AND current 2.x needs.

Final outcome will be minispecs for reports and database work.  JS and LW will meet with Sakai leadership later this month to determine how best to pitch work of group.  
See Portfolio Visioning page on Sakai Confluence for overall portfolio visioning and sub-group info. See pages for next meetings. Nov 19, 12-1 EST for Personas, Nov 23, 4-5 EST for Visioning in general, and Reporting to be scheduled via Doodle. There are many opportunities to incorporate your institution's needs. 

LW:  Jan said it all.
JB:  What is greatest need?
JS:  Currently need to make sure your own institutuion is represented.Go to Portfolio Personas page in Confluence to view the current portfolio scenarios. If your institution is not represented in the scenarios written by other institutions, please contribute your own scenario (one-page) to represent your current and future portfolio needs.
RH:  And synthesis of voluminous material.
MP:  Attempted humor.
JB:  Very impressive.  Brace yourself -- To what extent are NYU and other active projects guiding?  
JS:  All those currently working on portfolio functionality for the Sakai OAE have been actively participating in the visioning effort: U of Michigan, NYU,  MATI Montreal, U of Capetown, BENA--Université de Montréal, and Charles Sturt.
Deadline for portfolio minispecs?  May be more flexible than  December. TBD


Next topic:  Newcomers?  

JB:  All welcome.  Plenty of work to be done, and questions are invited.
Please add your name to the list at the top.


Robin: Updates are welcome, perhaps a good procedure can be worked out for the KB Help files of Sakai (mostly IUB).  At Stanford, no one has any particular duties wrt to KB docs (for Samigo).  What would it take to document everything COMPLETELY?  (All the way down to technical aspects).  

Alan Regan (sp?) of Pepperdine will be leading with Mathieu.  

Lastly:  How will this be addressed in Sakai 3 AOE?

MP:  Boston 09 presentation (and BoF groups) about documentation.  Alan Regan, similar, Denver 10.  Both end-user and technical docs are important.  Central KB should export with customization.  We need to find a method for generating docs.

MRicci:  Biggest challenge: Maintaining the documents.  What has been changed?  How to track those changes?  

MP knows some tech writers willing to help.

AE:  Use a system like subversion (SVN).  VT also employed (for credit/units) students in our local Professional Business Writing degree to review the documentation and to suggest updates/changes.

JB:  Hard task. User lose faith when something missing or misleading.  May be possible to put out bid from Foundation, to professionals.  Write and maintain through contract.  Perhaps a higher Foundation support level could accommodate tailored documentation.

JS:  As for OSP, we work with Indiana KB staff.  
[A good model, which could and should be followed more broadly.]

MR:  Technical materials has been dropped from KB docs; could be brought back.

Teaching with Sakai Innovations Award

RC:  Finalized entry form and updated application info.  Ready to make it public.  
Course Profile, under Practices, now separate from application.  Entry form reflects new categories and updated rubric.  All on OpenEdPractices.

JB:  We should try to disseminate the announcement to our own institutions, through Centers for T&L and so forth.  Encourage applications from those who don't think their courses are special enough.


Next Topic:  T&L Design Lenses

LW:  We are in a weekly routine of reviewing minispecs, the requirements unit for Sakai 3/OAE.  We read one or two and then discuss and comment.  Some now taking the form of wireframes.  (Schedule has slipped.)  Wireframes for Hybrid 1, exposure of Sakai 3 sites.  Thus providing direct input to the Sakai 3 design process.

JB:  Routine is good, fostering production.  Good balance between managed project and community at large.

DG:  Expect a design on the hybrid model based closely on Hybrid-1 minispec.
LW:  We may discuss this at next meeting (Monday).


Next topic:  Distance Learning

KE:  Every other week, a meeting with presentation.  Discussion fora set up on OpenEdPractices.  Next presentation is tomorrow.  May move into asynchronous mode over holidays.  

RC:  Starting to see partiicipation in the forums.  

Next speaker is Debbie Runshe.

JB:  Related question-- Is anybody using Quality Matters?

RC:  We use it.
RH:  It's static, but we're interested in dynamic observation of my online course.  Perhaps DL group would take that on, someday.
MR:  We use a checklist derived from QM.
RC:  QM rubric influenced TWSIA rubric, so the latter be suitable for local use as well.


Next Topic:  Student Engagement

No news.
RC:  On hiatus for now.



Next Quarterly Update:  December.  Expect e-mail agenda.

JB to daughter:  Happy birthday, sweetie.

Pad Chat

November 10, 2010

15:09 Robin Hill: Please feel free to edit the Minutes.
15:16 Mathieu: What about virtual people? (wink)
15:16 Maggie Ricci: Personas are amalgams.
15:21 Mathieu: Kim, we are still talking portfolios, i'll make an effort to take minutes
15:21 unnamed: Thanks!
15:24 Robin Hill: Minutes at bottom! Thnx.
15:26 Amber D. Evans: Who counts as a new person? (Surely not me! (smile)
15:26 Rob Coyle: I think I count as a confused person who doesn't understand a lot of what is going on.
15:43 Mathieu: Nate appreciates being pestered, Rob LOL
15:47 Amber D. Evans: I apologize, I have to leave for an appt. I'll check in on the notes later. Thanks!
15:50 Rob Coyle: Hello Kim Thanos from Kuali Days
15:57 Lynn Ward: did we decide whether we are rnning until 6:30 or not
15:58 Lynn Ward: not sure I can stay on for another 30 mins, but maybe a few more
15:58 Lynn Ward: ah wrap up sounds like we;re ending at 6pm ish
16:01 Lynn Ward: bye
16:02 Rob Coyle: love the last note Robin!