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  1. If you already have the tables in your Oracle database:
    1. Either drop the SCORM* tables and sequence, and run the .sql script 
    2. OR, simply modify the three affected tables and manually change the column type:
      1. SCORM_ACTIVITY_TREE_HOLDER_T.ACT_TREE - change this column to type BLOB
      2. SCORM_CP_MANIFEST_T.ACT_TREE_PROTOTYPE - change this column to type BLOB
      3. SCORM_ELEMENT_T.VALUE - change this column to type CLOB


        If you're modifying the tables manually, you will need to restart your Tomcat server to pick up the changes (if you edited the tables while Tomcat/Sakai was running).

  2. If you haven't deployed the SCORM player before (you don't have the tables already in your database), simply run the .sql script before deploying for the first time