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New Administrator Persona


Contributed by Robin Hill, 9/28/2010.  Added to page Anderson.

In preparation for today's meeting, and to satisfy a need in other groups' work, I have drafted a User Story for the Associate Dean persona, Anderson. Fortuitously, I was able to run it by a real live associate dean, who responded this morning with some suggestions, which I have incorporated. Anyone who has experience or contacts in such a role is invited to contribute.

Many of the tasks listed could employ electronic portfolios. The special projects described in points 1 - 3 might provide scenarios beyond those in the other personas.


Anderson, Associate Dean

As an associate dean, Anderson is an administrator of a one of a handful of colleges at his university. He oversees budgets, enforces academic policy, conducts post-tenure review and manages confidential records, allocates space and staff resources, fields student and faculty complaints, reviews departmental annual reports and identifies college news to pass along to the public relations staff, and handles trouble. Along with these duties, he is charged by his dean with special projects.

1. Assessment and accreditation-- Anderson collects the departmental reports and data for assembly into a draft self-study, which will form the basis of the accreditation documentation for this 10-year cycle (due in two years). He must check his college's statistics with the standards of the accrediting agency, and with the Carnegie classification of colleges and universities, and also with governmental and other agencies that oversee particular disciplines-- perhaps the US Department of Agriculture or the American Bar Association.

2. Emergency planning-- Anderson represents his college on several institutional committees, dealing with classroom scheduling, curriculum, tenure and promotion, and external constituencies in such forms as (1) the university foundation and big donors, and (2) partnerships with the schools and community colleges. Right now he serves as the secretary for a cross-campus group, involving offices ranging from the Provost to Food Services to Physical Plant, that is developing institutional plans for pandemics and natural disasters in coordination with local agencies.

3. Recruitment and retention-- The college is not entirely satisfied with its pool of undergraduate student applicants. Recent trends exhibit a decline in quantity, quality, and diversity, and Anderson has been charged with exploring the problem and its solutions. He will call for study participants and comments from faculty and students, and even potential students, if he can figure out how to reach them.