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Actions within the syllabus tool are dependent upon having the site.upd permission


Smoke Tests

Test Condition

Expected Result



As user with site.upd (Instructor) Create a syllabus item (create/edit >>Add) that includes content  in wysiwyg and attachments

Syllabus item is created successfully and item is listed as posted on create/add screen



As user with site.upd (Instructor)  Edit a syllabus item (create/edit >>click item title).  Edit content 

Syllabus can be edited successfully



As user with site.upd (Instructor)  Delete a syllabus item (create/edit >>click item title)

Syllabus item is deleted successfully



As user with site.upd (Instructor)  Redirect to a website

Users should click on syllabus and website should appear in frame.  Exisiting itmes do not display



As user with site.upd (Instructor)  Save syllabus item as draft

Draft is saved - draft appears in status column



As user with site.upd (Instructor)  Preview syllabus before posting

Syllabus can be previewed



As Student/Instructor print three following syllabus types# syllabus items created with tool

  1. syllabus redirected to
  2. syllabus redirected to

Syllabuses not redirected open in a new window with Print and Close window action links.  Enture syllabus prints.  Redirected pages are opened in new window




As Student/Instructor View syllabus

Syllabus can be viewed



As Student/Instructor Click help

Help tool window pops-up displaying syllabus help documentation.