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Weekly Call Info

Fridays, 12 noon Eastern (9am Pacific, 7 pm SAST)
Dialing Instructions for Indiana University Bridge:

  • Phone number: +1 812 856 7060
  • Conference Code: 220201#
  • If you happen to be the first person to call, you may be prompted for a pin number.  Enter the pound (#) key, which means there is no pin number.

Useful Resources

  • Portfolio Scenario Analysis (Google Spreadsheet)
  • Portfolio Personas Notepad (Google document)
  • Personas (from the Fluid project web site)
  • Sakai 3 Persona Set
  • Using Existing Sakai 3 Personas to Describe Portfolio Needs
  • New Administrator Persona, contributed by Robin Hill-- Page removed and contents attached to the Anderson description as a comment
  • Suggestion for new staff persona, Sarah
    NOTE: Lynn points out that Sarah is a non-portfolio user of portfolio tools, outside of the concern here. Many higher ed personnel would fall into this category. Perhaps we should address that set of scenarios on a separate track.