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Also discussed during 06-23-10 Conference Call and 07-07-10 Conference Call

T&L Communications Planning and Priorities

Proposed T&L Communication Priorities for July - September, 2010

Priority One: Support the communications needs of the sub-groups that emerged from the Denver conference

  1. Communicate T&L structure and process to community
    • Create 2010 calendar (See below)
    • Send announcement to lists about dates and process
    • Create blog post with structure, leader contacts, and engagement opportunities
    • Send message to all Sakai Foundation members head of Center for Faculty Development or appropriate title (Requires list creation)
  2. Support communication needs for the groups
    • Capture and publish notes from monthly meeting
    • Publicize quarterly meetings
    • Capture and publish outcomes from quarterly meetings
    • Assist in identifying resources and approach to support collaboration and communications efforts

Priority Two: Improve connections between Sakai T&L community and Educause

  1. Facilitate T&L gathering at Educause
  2. Assist in developing community presentation submissions for ELI conference

Priority Three: Initiate communications about Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

  1. What is the award?
  2. How can you win? 
  3. Why should you want to win?

Proposed Calendar for T&L Meetings

Note: Sub-group meetings will take place during weeks noted, but each group meets on a different day. See group pages for actual meeting times.



Full Group Meetings

Community Meetings



4, 18, 25





1, 15, 22, 29

8 (prep for quarterly)




6, 20, 27



Monthly meeting at Educause?


3, 17, 24

10 (prep for quarterly)




1, 15, 22



Skip 12/29 meetings?

Brainstorming from Sakai 2010 Conference

How can the Foundation help with communicating:

1. Disseminating the work of the T&L group in Sakai

  • yes please
  • Use the following twitter hashtag: #sakaitl *or #SakaiTL*
  • Suggestion: create sub-groups around topics that are relevant to faculty or IT folks - this session, as an example, seemed to be split between the two where my guess is that for many participants only 1/2 the talks were directly relevant / within their purvue
  • Suggestion: develop more participation with EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI).  Here's the current call for the 2011 conference:
  • If subgroups are formed (e.g., DL) how do we keep the T&L community at large in the loop on what's happening in those subgroups? How does T&L both broaden participation and address special interest areas at the same time? Can we? BOF model with reporting back to the larger group on weekly calls?
  • Suggestion for managing communications within the Sakai community:
    • Reserve the pedagogy list for communications intended for the entire Sakai T&L community (e.g., reports and summaries of work accomplished; calls for participation or feedback, etc.)
    • Establish a separate mailing list (or Sakai site or Google group) for facilitating communication within a subgroup to minimize the noise on the main list
    • Let each subgroup determine its preferred times, frequency, and medium for meetings.   Post schedule and instructions for participating in confluence.
    • Conduct a community-wide T&L meeting once a month (or every two months) for status updates and as an opportunity for brainstorming and feedback
    • Send out a monthly update to the T&L lost with a high-level summary of activities and accomplishments.

2. Broadening T&L participation and leadership with staff from new institutions

  • Currently, we hold a weekly conference call.
  • We are currently time-zone bound, and we would like broader international participation.
    • Maybe some increased communication or other methods for those who cannot attend Wed calls but want to participate.
    • Maybe record and podcast call.
    • See suggestion under item 1 above.  Limit the community-wide call to once a month or so and let volunteers for specific initiatives/areas of focus determine their preferred meeting schedule, medium, etc.
  • Mentoring program maybe for newbies? Newbie connected with old folk.
    • Maybe a list of volunteers for who can be contacted for what type of information
    • Profiles and keywords
  • Summary of conference calls
    • Bullet points, then full text - Form style to notes of meeting and emails??
    • Consistency of format
    • Maybe monthly
  • Mass mailing to directors of teaching and instructional technology centers at Sakai partner institutions providing a high-level overview of our work and information on how to get involved.  Should we also try to reach out to institutions that are users, but not dues paying partners?
  • Challenge each active member of the T&L group to enlist at least one colleague on their campus to work on Sakai T&L initiatives.

3. Better sharing of community T&L on your own campus

  • Regular webinars, from real instructors?  Broadcast monthly or quarterly, for campus Sakai staff to show to faculty, or invite faculty to view on their own. 
  • Broader distribution of the TWSIA winners, perhaps in conjunction with the above.  Some recording already done in interview [from TWSIA meeting]. Also consider TWSIA entries on OpenEdPractices site as raw material for showcases on

Communications Subgroup

If you are interested in working in this area over the next 6-12 months, please add your name to this list below:





Lynn Ward

Indiana University


Rob Coyle

Johns Hopkins


Mathieu Plourde

University of Delaware


Kim Thanos


Sakai Foundation


Robin Hill

University of Wyoming


Rita Pavolka

Indiana University