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University of Cape Town

Stephen Marquard, Lovemore Nalube

Local branch
(Planning to move to an updated branch patched with trunk@68816)



Opt-in self-service model, since 2009

University of Maryland

Rick Moyer

Trunk @ 63303

Sakai 2.5.x - cafe


Campus-wide course evaluation process with 1 evaluation for 6,094 groups and a possible 145,119 responses, Hierarchy (deployed two levels:  University and College; course and instructor items), External Providers, since 2007

University of Michigan

Sean Michael DeMonner

Forked 1.2.1 version - moving to 1.4 in Fall


Campus-wide course evaluation process, Large scale, External Providers, order data import process in place, since 2006

Longsight, variety of clients

1.4.x with some patches from 1.5



Custom Hierarchy Provider for 2 clients. Special Hierarchy Provider for Delegated Access

University of Dayton

Leah Bergman

recent trunk



Using Eval Sys for distance learning course evaluations, some departments using Eval Sys to replace traditional paper evaluations

Rutgers University

Joseph Delaney

1.3.0 tag with EVALSYS-1031 patch



University-wide, external group provider but no instructor provider, external import method, external results processing and reporting, More information

Universidad Pública de Navarra (Spain)

Daniel Merino

1011.4 x tag10



Used to make evaluations about user's satisfaction in our University's official degrees. Since 2011, open to every member of the University's community to make their own evaluations.

Virginia TechBrian Broniak1.4 (Fall 2012) w/ local modifications2.8.1 (Fall 2012) None, stopped as of Summer 2016.

Virginia Tech moved to Canvas over the years 2015-2017 and with that moved away from EvalSys. We are now using a product called EvaluationKIT ( which does everything EvalSys can do and then some. It's been a relatively easy transition and we've already used the new system for a Fall (2016) and Spring (2017) semester. If you'd like to talk to me about this change, just contact me via email and we can set that up.


Fall 2012 - Continuing full production with newer code versions - 4300 courses, 140,000 evaluation requests. Now using email consolidation features.

Summer 2012 - Successful runs for both of our summer sessions (with 1.3 with local mods + Sakai 2.7.1)

Spring 2012 - VT wide adoption (all colleges), 4400+ courses and over 125,000 evaluation requests out

Fall 2011 - ran 2600 course pilot with over 85,000 evaluation requests
Ran ~1000-course pilot in Spring 2011 with 26,000 evaluation requests

Implementation notes:

  • We currently use the system only for end of semester evaluations.  We purge the data and start fresh for each end of semester run.
  • We export data from the system into a datamart and use JasperSoft for reporting long-term (beyond base reports provided in system for faculty use).
  • Questions we ask are chosen by the University overall, colleges, and departments.  We use the hierarchy and allow some choices for questions from a predetermined menu; we do not allow individual faculty to add their own questions.
  • The system is centrally administered at VT by our Learning Technologies department.
Saginaw Valley State UniversityRobert Long1.3.x - heavily modified2.8.x  

Heavily redesigned UI and workflow. Give faculty as an easy way to create, modify, and view results.

LAMP ConsortiumMartin Ramsay1.3.x plus the Longsight hierarchy deployment provider11.3  We are a consortium of 25 colleges and universities. Many of our members are actively using EvalSys in a production environment, both for course evaluations and non-course related surveys. We're also very interested in improving EvalSys. See our FARM project "EvalSys as a Mature Tool" at
Tufts UniversityJanet Hill, Will Humphries1.4.0 with some patches and local modifications2.8.x   
HEC Montreal

Curtis van Osch

Philippe Rancourt


Widely used to replace paper for end of semester evaluations (November 2015 to some program - approx 200 courses, April 2016 for the whole institution, approx 1200 courses)

Implementation notes:

  • We currently use the system only for end of semester evaluations.  We keep the data into the system
  • Teachers can get their reports directly from EvalSys
  • A global report showing average score for all programs or sub-groups is generated based on the data and distributed to all teachers.
  • The system is centrally administered and facultly cannot add questions.