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Sakai Working Session Start: Targets & Plans


Nate Angell & Duffy Gillman
Short URL:
24/7 Working Session Space: Brislecone Room, 1st Floor
session video

Brief Abstract

Introducing a Sakai working session to take place during the conference. All community members are invited to join developers, UX designers and functional experts to identify specific projects for work during the conference. A session at conference end will report results and next steps.

Full Abstract

This session will introduce and organize actual work on Sakai to take place throughout the conference, inspired by the functional specifications, user experience design work, code sprints or hackathons where small-scope work is undertaken to achieve tangible results that are so productive and energizing at many open source project gatherings. Not just for developers! We invite participation from Sakai community members with all skills and experiences. Developers need direct input from everyone—students, instructors, instructional designers, implementers, user-experience designers, big-picture thinkers—to make Sakai better. We will collaborate to identify good projects for the working session, using suggestions gathered before the conference and "unconference" techniques. Participants are encouraged to engage in work activities throughout the conference and return for the closing Sakai Working Session Stop session to report on accomplishments and discuss further steps.


Add your working session topic below, with your name/contact info, and time you will be on hand to work!

  • Introduce Working Session Purpose, Goals, Processes & Resources
  • Discuss Suggested Projects
    • Widget Development Clay Fenlason: Develop widgets for Sakai 3.
    • Internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n): Do the right thing in Sakai 2 & 3 (all devs welcome) Jean-François Lévêque
    • Server wide chat for Sakai2, using your connections from Profile2 and EntityBroker (viz SAK-17524) (all devs, UI, functional developers welcome) Steve Swinsburg
      • first meeting time, Bristlecone, Tuesday 11.15am-12.15pm, come and go as you please
    • Record screencasts that walk new users through various Sakai activities to
      augment existing text documentation Sean Keesler. Examples:
    • Discuss, refine, and consider UX/development uses for the newly-formed Sakai Learning Capabilities
    • Fix bugs! We've got a whole stack in JIRA which we can prioritise/assign/let you know what would be useful to fix, depending on your skills.
    • Win2008R2 Install Doc Paul Ross
    • (add your suggested project, time, name/contact here: what do you want to work on while we're in Denver?)
    • User Content Needs
  • Set people loose to work

Lightning Talks

Add your working session topic below, with your name/contact info, and time you will be on hand to work!

  • (add your lightning talk topic, time, and name/contact info here: what do you want to share while we're in Denver?)
  • An Accessibility Fundamental: Making sure text is meaningful and makes sense out of context: Why & How, Bristlecone Thursday @ 4pm Brian Richwine & Mary Stores