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  • Make sure to install and deploy the entitybroker as defined above.
  • Check out the source from the svn reposiory. This example checks out the trunk version. You should check if what version is available for your specific sakai version, if any.
    Code Block
    svn co  edia-sakai-knowledgebase
  • OPTIONALLY if you sakai minor version does not match the sakai version of the main pom.xml file. Update the build files to you exact sakai version. A simple find and replace on the main pom file should work. This example uses sed (Stream EDitor) to find and replace the string "2.5.3" with your sakai version, but you are free to use any text editor that suites your needs.
    Code Block
    sed -i s/2.5.3/<YOUR_SAKAI_VERSION>/g pom.xml
    Note that the -i option is used to do a inline edit on the file, and this option is not available on the sed version distributed with Mac OS X.
  • Build and install the tool
    Code Block
    mvn clean install sakai:deploy -Dmaven.tomcat.home=<SAKAI_INSTALLATION_DIR> -Dmaven.test.skip

Cluster deployment

The knowledge base currently uses an internally hosted Solr instance. Of course, this could be done by an externally hosted Solr instance, and the programatic adjustments would be minimal, but for now an internal hosted Solr serves our needs. This instance has a index persisted on the file system. In order to make the tool work in a clustered deployment, the data directory of Solr needs to be available to all the cluster instances. This directory can be configured by setting the following value in