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  • 2009-11-16 Conference Call

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Meeting minutes for November 16, 2009

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status (Bug fixes can be verified on the following QA servers Nightly Build (HSQLDB) or Nightly build (Oracle))
    • SAK-12914 Database error when importing osp matrix
    • SAK-16871 osp share sends wrong password
    • SAK-17055 Matrix group filtering does not differentiate Sections from Groups 
    • SAK-17247 In IE8, Forms with required select fields (minoccurs=1) do not display the red asterisk (only radio buttons). Does turning on IE8's IE7 mode fix it? Problem for Gonzalo?

  2. Sakai 2.7/2.8 Development Status
    • Sakai 2.7 Feature Freeze: November 12. Will be cut end of Nov. and released shortly after that.
    • QA Testing Resources of OSP for Sakai 2.7 release? Michigan has a student editing the test scripts for 2.7.
    • Known issues remaining for merged SAK-15710 (IU enhancements)
      • SAK-15877 Ensure conversion scripts are correct. Chris added Jira, so we assume he will be working on it.
      • SAK-16237 Not allowed to evaluate in Evaluations tool in My Workspace. Chris marked it as "in progress"
      • SAK-17350 Broken link back to associated assignment when editing a cell. Chris marked it as critical, so we assume he is working on it.
    • Status Update (IU): SAK-13838 Add Forms and Attachments User Interface Rework, Version 2. Lynn was pretty sure this was implemented. The ticket hasn't been closed yet. Can someone look at Lynn's feature template and the Jira ticket and comment on what has been done and close it.
    • Status Update (IU): SAK-16693 Synchronize Portfolio Site Rosters with Associated Course SitesJira marked as an open feature request. Beth will send email to IU with the three jiras so that they can go over them and close them.
    • Status Update (IU): Indiana University Matrices Enhancements
      • SAK-15822 In Matrices, "manage status for all users" only changes current user
      • SAK-16261 Make the Manage Status function in Matrices and Wizards Group Aware
    • Status Update (CRIM): Finer Grained Document-Level Matrix Permissions Updates. No one from CRIM on call.
    • SAK-16557 Indexes are missing on OSP tables with Oracle. Some time back we found that there were indexes missing in the database. Michigan has added about 22 indexes and tested them successfully. Big matrices should load faster. Michigan will be putting it into production this week and report back. Question: should they just be a recommendation, or should we write some code so they are built upon install.
    • SAK-16785 Sortable columns in OSP Portfolio tool - patch on ticket 
    • SAK-17323 Prompt user for a name at the time of Portfolio creaion. IU will undertake, but not in time for 2.7.
    • SAK-17326 In Portfolios tool, auto-select newly created forms when adding/editing content IU will undertake, but not in time for 2.7.

  3. Standing Agenda Updates
    • Sakai 3 Development & Content Authoring (Sakai 3 ePortfolio). Some UX meetings will probably start up bi-weekly, with Berkeley coming aboard to help Cambridge along.
    • Teaching & Learning & requirements gathering. Portfolio stuff could be added in. We shouldn't just transfer everything in, but maybe put in pointers. Maybe some verbs should be under T&L, and some stay on our Vignettes page.
    • Documentation & Communication
  4. Functional & General Issues
    • Status updates on OSP Help Updates(October review; November commit). Teggin, Robin, and Jonathan are still working. Colleague in India doesn't seem to have started yet. Lynn wrote to Christian at Rutgers about some overlap, but never heard back. Noah is working on the Properties material. Lynn finished.
    • Michigan is ready to release the Page Composer today, pending a little more testing.