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Sakai 3 ePortfolio

Please list your institution's high level requirements and/or ideas for ePortfolios in the Sakai 3.0 release.

Cambridge (ideas)

1. Staff and students should find it easy to maintain public profile pages with a combination of key data from existing systems and free-form web page composition. This support should enable

  • Institutional templating with configurable rigidity (from blank pages, through sample content to be replaced, to enforced structure and volume)
  • Multiple profiles for different audiences (with easy access control if required)
  • Export/Import to other systems as institutional affiliation ends
  • Snapshots for assessment by other services and recording of grades against snapshot
  • Recommender systems to add value to data by revealing potential shared interests based on academic work
  • Ease of publishing to other media, e.g. pdf of resume

2. It should be possible for Sakai to create a longitudinal record of a student's work at an institution that goes beyond transcripts. Scope should be configurable by institution, but assignments, discussion postings and faculty feedback are all candidates

University of Michigan (Ideas)

See Sakai 3 ePortfolio (UM)

MATI Montréal Startegic Initiatives

See  MATI Montreal Porfolio Initiative

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