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Static Configuration assumes that only one metasearch engine is being used, and all Citations Helper users have access to the same set of search categories and databases. The default implementation of the SiteOsidConfiguration API interface, supplied with Sakai, is used without modification.

This page provides background information and pointers to more specific documentation on setting up a static configuration for the Citations Helper.

Example Scenario

This example scenario suggests the use of a static configuration:

I have created a set of commonly used search categories and databases at my library that I would like all Citations Helper users to use. This set consists of General Interest, Science, Literature, Arts and Engineering categories and their related databases. My institution uses only Ex Libris MetaLib and there is a single username and password that the Citations Helper will use to access MetaLib.

Selecting the proper OSID implementation

The Citations Helper supports several metasearch engines: Ex Libris Metalib, Serials Solutions 360 Search, and SirsiDynix SingleSearch.

Each of these metasearch engines has a corresponding Repository OSID implementation. The Repository OSID allows the Citations Helper to properly communicate with the XML gateway for a particular product.

See the sample XML configuration file for more information on selecting the Repository OSID implementation for you site.

Metasearch XML Gateway Access Information

Many metasearch products provide an XML gateway to search and retrieve records from a metasearch engine remotely. The base URL for this gateway is always required when configuring the "library search" feature of the Citations Helper.

  • For SingleSearch, the XML gateway is called the Web2 Bridge. The URL to access Web2 is often the base address of your SingleSearch instance followed by /web2/servlet/MuseWeb2. For example:
    No Format
  • For Ex Libris MetaLib, the XML gateway is called the X-Server. The URL to access the X-Server is usually the base address of your MetaLib instance followed by a /X. For example:
    No Format
  • For 360 Search, the XML gateway URL is your Serials Solutions ID, followed by the Serials Solutions gateway domain and path. For example:
    No Format

Some products also require a username and passsword to access the XML gateway. The username provided needs to be able to simultaneously start searches and retrieve records.

Again, the sample XML configuration file for details on setting this up.

Defining Search Categories & Databases

Search categories provide organizational structure to the databases that users have access to search through the Citations Helper. Search categories and databases are defined in an XML file called categories.xml. This (and all XML configuration files) should be located under Resources in your Citations Admin site.

To learn how to build this XML file, please refer to the Search Categories & Databases XML document, this example XML configuration file, and this editing overview.

Since this configuration method uses the unmodified SampleSiteOsidConfiguration, all databases will need to be defined to be in the all database group (more on this on the Search Categories & Databases XML page).