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  • Release Proposal 2009

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  • Avoid unnecessary disruption to the momentum of development work to date
  • Provide the new Product Council space and time to work with development teams around significant new functionality

    The new Product Development Process introduces a couple new roles and a new way of doing business. There is a newly appointed product council (which will be working to establish a transparent process with clear criteria), and there is also a new product manager (among whose responsibilities is ownership of a Sakai roadmap). The new process is not going to achieve maturity overnight, especially at this time of year when both vacations and Fall term preoccupations hold sway, and so a balance needs to be struck between having the council take up its charge quickly and not throwing some ingrained habits and expectations into sudden confusion.

    2) A reliable release roadmap
  • A clear plan before QA begins
  • A plan designed around meeting the broadest user needs with the highest quality code while minimizing risk to target timelines

    Release scope will be framed by


  • an analysis of what can be managed and adequately tested under the constraints of available time and declared volunteer resource from the community. Functional priorities will require the guidance of the product council, but on this basis some proposed new features may not make the cut for a given release.

Specific Proposal

1) A formal release management team