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These projects are either completed or abandoned.

Project Name


CHS Web Services

Completed in Fall 07 as part of the VUE project.

Content Hosting Project

Abandoned in favor of JSR-170.

Gallery Tool

Completed in Spring 07 under contract to UC Berkeley.

Sousa - Page Object Sequencer - Tools for sequencing any content maintained by Sakai. Unsupported
OCW Cartridge Uploader Project - Work on v3 OSIDs in Sakai. Done
Internationalizaton - Fixing long standing Sakai issues. Done
Academic Term - A contributed admin tool to manage academic terms. Never Implemented
Rice - Notes on Sakai integration with Kuali Rice. Done
Sakaipedia Project - A collaborative documentation effort started in early 2005. See Sakaipedia Deprecated
Learning Design Project - An exploration of how the IMS Learning Design specification might be used in Sakai.
Pedagogy Project - Ideas on how to improve pedagogical support in Sakai.

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