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Comment: a note about how Sakai handles recurrence rules


Can handle recurring events from Zimbra.

Can edit event recurrence in Sakai.


There is no mapping between usernames in Sakai and the calendar system. Currently it assumes that your Sakai username is your enterprise calendar username.

There is no attempt to use a real enterprise calendar password. The passwords are hard-coded in a table.

Still need recurring event editing in SakaiThe Sakai calendar tool cannot express event recurrence with the level of sophistication that Zimbra can, i.e., particular days of the week. If you edit the frequency of an event in Sakai that had been set up with this level of customization in Zimbra, the sophisticated version will be overwritten with the simplified version.

Not yet handling HTML descriptions UPDATE: Zimbra appears not to preserve formatting for event descriptions that come out. If this is not something configurable, there's no way to preserve HTML in a description. UPDATE: I have disabled rich text editors on the calendar pages. Still need to add a property that controls this.