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Data Analysis

Easily accessible information about Sakai users, their attitudes, and their usage is critical to the work of Sakai-related staff including support staff, designers, researchers, developers, testers, and system administrators. Current capabilities to gather the required data and tools to present and interpret it are limited and vary across Sakai implementations. The Sakai


Data Analysis group intends to fully describe the types of usage data needed by all stakeholders, compare current strategies for gathering and interpreting user and usage data, and specify new strategies for gathering and interpreting data. Development of these strategies may be undertaken as a Sakai project.

Focusing on the use cases allows us to see that while there are many stakeholders who need usage data, the data in many cases is the same. This site has been structured around the initial use cases shown below. My hope is that the use case focus will allow us to design/deliver meaningful and complete chunks of usage data as we progress. In addition, we can compare ways that we access particular types of data across institutions, helping us understand the complexities of global and local configurations.

Sakai Warehouse

Given the diversity of the Use Cases and Requirements a Sakai Warehouse seems to be a viable solution.

Use Cases

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Each use case below has a page to house discussion and examples. The image at right is a diagram linking the use cases, the actors and their responsibilities.

Related Sakai 2.2 Requirements

Proposed High-Level Data Specifications

The following documents are proposals for how to access certain data, NOT YET designs for particular Sakai tools. Do these proposals cover the types of data in the above requirements?


Multi-Institutional Survey Initiative (MISI)

A new effort in 2009 to survey instructors and students across Sakai institutions using a core set of similar survey questions.

MISI replaces the Sakai community survey question bank. While each institution may construct their surveys however they like, by using similar questions the community can more easily look across instances and compare users' attitudes.

Link to MISI Home Page

Log Events & Descriptions for the Sakai Event Table

As part of the Data Analysis Work Group mission to help Sakai administrators gather relevant data about user activity within the system, we actively encourage designers to include log events in all tools. We also encourage everyone in the Sakai community to help keep the events within the Sakai event table current and well documented.

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