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Wikipedia 'Blog' Feature

BlogWow implementation

Title, the main title, or headline, of the post


Body, main content of the post

(tick) Note: FCK Editor not implemented, does this mean no html/scripting limitations?

Permalink, the URL of the full, individual article

(error) Haven't seen this

Post Date, date and time the post was published


A blog entry optionally includes the following:


Comments - Comments are a way to provide discussion on blog entries. Readers can leave a comment on a post, which can correct errors or contain their opinion on the post or the post's subject. Services like coComment aim to ease discussion through comments, by allowing tracking of them.

(tick) Don't know if comment moderation is possible and/or comment removal by blog owner

Categories (or tags) - subjects that the entry discusses


Trackback and or pingback - links to other sites that refer to the entry


Blogroll - links to other blogs that the blogger favors