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  • Sakai development getting started

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  1. Developer links and resources
    Also listed at the bottom of this page
    • Check out the developer links and resources, bookmark most of them, use them to do the steps below
    1. Sign up for the sakai-dev email list
    2. Get an account on Sakai Confluence and JIRA
  2. Development Environment Setup WalkthroughSakai
      • Familiarize yourself with the Sakai programming best practices before getting started
  3. Sakai AppBuilder plugin
    • Generate and try some sample code
    1. Install the appbuilder plugin in your eclipse environment
    2. Generate a sample tool in your Sakai source directory
    3. Build and Deploy the tool using maven
    4. Startup Sakai
    5. Test the new tool by adding it to a project site
    6. Modify the tool
  4. Sakai application (tool) structure
    • Make sure you are familiar with the structure of a Sakai tool or application
  5. Sakai app and tool naming tips
    • Learn the various Sakai app and tool naming conventions
  6. Developer Guides
    • Learn about the possible presentation technologies and persistence technologies in Sakai
  7. Sakai Programmer Manual
    • Reference the various guides and tutorials in the Sakai programmer manual as needed

Where to get more information

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Developer links and resources
Developer links and resources