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Welcome to Sakai!

Sakai is an open-source Collaboration and Learning Environment; for more information, please visit our website If you're new to the Sakai Community, take a look at Getting Started with Sakai.

This site is the Sakai community wiki, supporting community collaboration around building, deploying, and using Sakai. Wiki content falls into three broad categories:

  • Building Sakai - designing, developing, testing, and documenting (learn about the technical details of building tools or integrating services; find guidelines for design and development of tools and services; locate technical specifications; learn about plans for future releases; follow the activities of working groups)
  • Deploying Sakai - installing, implementing, configuring, and supporting end-users (learn about performance tuning; find suggested hardware and software configurations; browse examples of training, tutorial and support documentation)
  • Using Sakai - collaborating, teaching and learning, and other uses (learn about best practices; connect with user communities sharing your interests)

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