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  • OSP Overview Pre-Conference Workshop

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  • 1:45
    Introduction, History, and Background (Wende)
    The Eport Mindset and How the Pedagogical and Technology Merge (John)
  • 2:00 Overview
    What is an Eportfolio/Types of Portfolios (assessment, learning, personal presentation) (John)
    2:10 Instance/Demos
    Example of Institutional Need
    How Built
    Lessons Learned

2:10 Indiana
2:25 LaGuardia
2:40 Michigan

2:55 Break

3:10 University of Amsterdam
3:25 portfolio4u

  • 2:10 3:40 Small group break out to discuss who each participant will use eport at their institution
  • 3:55 Tools (start with complete list--address what they would see in their instance, focus on primary)