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Videos Online

With great thanks to the University of Amsterdam, videos of the 7th Sakai conference in Amsterdam are now online under de Sakai button at:

Individual links to presentations listed according to the conference agenda are available on the blog of the Dutch Sakai Community:

Video registration during the conference

The video department of the University of Amsterdam will shoot some videofootage of the conference.
They will be present with a crew of three.

An example on how we are planning to present the footage:
We will combine and synchronize powerpoint & video

Which sessions will be recorded:

On Monday
The sessions in Matterhorn 2 (both the introduction sessions)

On Tuesday
The keynote & opening speech
The sessions in Matterhorn 3

On Wednesday
The sessions in Matterhorn 1

On Thursday
The sessions in Zurich 1

Sample Recording Sessions

Check the attachments tab for the raw unedited files.

These recordings have been made to evaluate the performance of a series of voice recorders for use in the 7th Sakai Conference. Results from the 6th Sakai Conference and member feedback indicate that podcasting conference sessions is an important and desired feature for attendees and non-attendees alike.

Four recorder types were tested. Each test took place in the Boeing Auditorium in the FXB Building at the University of Michigan (

The four recorders were:

Sony ICD-P520 (Voice Recorder)

Olympus VN-2100PC (Voice Recorder)

Olympus DM-20 (Voice Recorder)

Canon Optura 60 (Video Camera)
$250 + $50 card

The first series of tests was done with the voice recorders placed on the floor in the center of the stage. The Optura 60 was placed slightly in the audience to record a sample powerpoint slide.

The second series of tests ( - Lecturn added to the file name) had the recorders sitting on the lectern. For this test, the speaker walked around the perimeter of the room to test distance clarity.

Check the attachments tab for the raw unedited files.

In Conference Use

A selection of these recorders will be used to store the proceedings of the 7th Sakai Conference. Raw files (as sampled on this page) will be available locally the evening of the conference day. Processed files will be made available on the web after the conference. There are 10 sessions that will need to be recorded simultaneously.

Several solutions have also been suggested to record slides, video or both. For 10 concurrent sessions, an estimate of cost ranges from $12,000-15,000. The solution presented here is provided as a low-cost alternative. It will require, however, significantly more post-processing effort. For more information on these alternative solutions for future conferences, please speak to the conference staff while at the conference, or mail aklesh at umich dot edu.


Please leave your evaluation comments on this page. Comments will be used to choose the correct recording solution for this conference.