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Seventh Sakai Conference


This is the Wiki space (and more) for the Seventh Sakai Conference to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 12-14 June 2007.

Current home page for the conference.

Draft schedule now available - subject to change.

 Information on getting around and visiting Amsterdam


We have several BOF (Birds of a Feather) spaces set aside for the conference. BOFs may take place during the main conference sessions, as well as before or after the normal conference scheduled sessions - based on room availablity. All of BOF rooms are equipped with tables and chairs set up for discussion, a projector and a screen. The hotel also has other gathering spaces for small groups who do not require presentation equipment.

We encourage you to set up a BOF page at BOF-Birds of a Feather meetings then you can submit a proposal. We will not begin scheduling BOF sessions until some time after May 1. By submitting a proposal now, you will help us gauge how much BOF space we will require.


The conference committee would like to invite all conference attendees to fill out evaluations/feedback of their sessions throughout the conference (This is now closed. Stay tuned for the Overall Conference Evaluations email). The link below displays a list of sessions at the Sakai Amsterdam conference and allows users to evaluate as many as they would like.

Evaluations are normally anonymous, however, if you would like to be able to keep track of the evaluations you have completed, you may login to collab first at the URL below and then click the first URL (above) to take the eval.

Your responses will be kept confidential regardless of whether you have logged in or not.

You will not be able to submit evaluations/feedback for sessions until the date that session occurs.

Thanks for your feedback!

  • Sakai Conference Committee
titleConference Videos

With great thanks to the University of Amsterdam, videos of the 7th Sakai conference in Amsterdam are now online under de Sakai button at:

Individual links to presentations listed according to the conference agenda are available on the blog of the Dutch Sakai Community: