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Sakai 2.x Administrator's Guide (in sections)

This version of the Sakai 2.x Administrator's Guide is presented in sections for ease of browsing and searching online. If you like, you can also view the guide on a single page, which is useful for printing and exporting a PDF version of the guide for offline use.

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Sakai Admin Guide - Introduction
Sakai Admin Guide - Introduction

Table of Contents

  1. The file
  2. Branding and Identity
  3. Binary Content and Filesystem Settings
  4. Database Configuration and Tuning
  5. Email Configuration
  6. Course and Semester Data
  7. Configuring Sakai from within the Web Application
  8. JVM Tuning
  9. Load Balancing and Scaling
  10. Cache Optimizations
  11. Advanced Tomcat (and Apache) Configuration
  12. Advanced Configuration Topics
  13. Verifying and Troubleshooting Your Sakai Installation
  14. Operations Best Practices
  15. Joining the Community