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  • 12-09-08 Meeting Notes

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Minutes of Meeting: December 9
TIME: 11:30am EDT

Moderator: Robin Hill (Wyoming)
Notes: Margaret Ricci (Indiana)

Robin Hill (Wyoming)
Margaret Ricci (IU)
Carol Rhodes (IU)
Steve Lonn (UM)
Salwa Khan (Texas State)
Amanda Hagzan (Albany Medical College)
Lisa     (UC Berkeley)
Jon Hays (UCB)
Rita Pavolka (IU)
Peter Knoop (UM)
Tina Silverstein (Alameda County)

  1. Call for Participation: Multi-Institutional Surveying of Sakai Instructors & Students
  • Sakai wants to continue the survey process to get some cross-institutional information regarding how people view using this type of software.
  • Core questions are available from Steve
  • Looking for volunteers to help put together the survey  - Salwa, Lisa
  • Get serious about survey in January
  • Distribute survey in April or May

  1. Scheduling common conference call with the Teaching and Learning Group:
    Jan 13th (the End-User Tuesday) OR the 14th (the T&L Wednesday), 11:30 Eastern
    Topics to include the identification of common concerns and planning and scheduling joint meetings.
    Tentative Agenda
  2. Progress on the Top Issues

(Carol Rhodes can also present on rebranding Captivate for another joint meeting.)

(IU will reserve the Sakai Bridge for the meeting and figure out how to do application sharing.)
All participants should be familiar with (on the JIRA site) the "Jira and Sakai Overview"

  1. Other ...
    *Peter Knoop: Is it possible to reorganize the Confluence site to reflect how people are working?
    *Trying to put together a "Using Sakai" group to encompass User and Teaching and Learning.
    *User group may also be involved in "Deploying Sakai". The different organization will more closely reflect the conference tracks. This should help direct new people more easily. The flat list will be hidden, and groups will be put on top to make it look like we have a hierarchy.
    *Still don't know how this will affect Collab sites, but Peter seems to think there is a lot of overlap in mailing lists.
    *If we are going to shut some down and resurrect some of them, we will need to communicate to current members of each group. Peter doesn't think too many groups will actually go away. More work is indicated. Robin gives her blessing.

Top 5 Issues

Goal is to target top issues and see if we can find developers to work on them.
How does this interface with the Jira and Sakai Overview?
How long should we keep this page (Top 5 Issues) up? Might need more detail and the use case for a problem. This should be linked to a Jira issue if one exists.
Continue discussion at next End User meeting (February)
How can we help people file issues and feature requests in a useful way?

Put together some instructions for submitting a feature request.
Get some feedback to people who have submitted to Top 5 Issues. We don't want to wait too long to give people feedback.

Robin will notify everyone of the date for the joint meeting in January. Robin will work with folks at IU to figure out presentation possibilities.
Peter will talk about reorganization of Confluence site at joint meeting.