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The following screens are the first draft to interfaces to the hierarchy back end infrastructure. Please provide comments below the specific screens if you have them.

Main Hierarchy


  • Adding columns that show the number of sub-levels (especially when you have the view collapsed)  would be useful.  Also, showing the number of sites assigned would be helpful.
  • I second the idea of adding the number of enclosed sites in the rolled up view (e.g. University (213) or some such) - SMD
  • What happens when the list of emails gets longer than one line? Does it wrap and bung up the vertical spacing or the list? - SMD

Adding Sub-level



  • Adding the ability to use the old "abbreviations" field would be helpful. The thought process here was a field that institutions could use to add "course prefixes" for determining what sites would be assigned to this level. Not every institution will use this, but for large ones, having this ability would be really helpful.
  • I agree that having some mechanism for looking up subject codes (e.g. MECHENG or SPAN) would be useful on this screen - SMD

 Assigning Sites


  • I like this search ability but would still like a way to have a "filter" as noted in the section above. Assigning over 6000 sites each term would be very tedious.
  • Can you select and move multiple items in the left selection box? Probably a necessary feature - SMD

Assigning Users


  • Is this one user ID per line, separated by a Return character? Probably need an on-screen prompt for the format - SMD

Assigning Permissions


  • We also need a set of permissions that deals with who is allowed to be an administrator at each level which would allow them to add questions. Also who is allowed to see reports would be defined in a permissions screen.
  • Do we need a separate permission to allow a role to change parameters on a survey (e.g. when it opens or closes) or is that assumed under the "Run a survey" perm? - SMD

Higher Level Questions


  • I think I would suggest that the number of questions in a given section be listed at the end of the label, perhaps in parenthesis. As it is now my first scan of this screen read the 5 and 6 in the first two sections as a numbered label for those sections and I wondered where 1-4 were. - SMD

Higher Level Questions Expanded


  • How about styling the Instructor provided questions in a similar fashion to the Institutional and Departmental sections? Those are the three main categories of questions, right? Seems like they should have a similar visual treatment at the top level of the page, with appropriate controls being revealed when each section is opened. - SMD
  • What does the checkbox do next to "Scale - Compact" on instructor question 2, 3 and 4? - SMD