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  • 2009-01-13 Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes from 1/13/09 Joint Meeting

Participants: Mathieu, Janet, Nancy (UD); Peter Knoop; Steve Lonn, Josh Baron, Maggie Ricci, Kate Ellis, MAggie Lynch

Announcements and Introductions

  1. Peter Knoop: Reorganization of Collab/Confluence groups
    • General Sakai Information
    • Building Sakai (sakai-dev)
    • Deploying Sakai (sakai-prod)
    • Using Sakai (sakai-user)


  • Model after conference tracks
  • Will still have separate lists/sites for specific projects
  • Will take some time to implement and get people to change processes
  • Would still have places to "mess around", top level of the group sites would be easy to use, as you dive down deeper things could get mess

Today's Takeaway: Showing Demo Courses


  • Robin demoed the content she has on Confluence
  • Worked with rSmart to expose course sites to make them publicly accessible.
    • Need to change "realms"
    • "read only", you cannot make changes to site
  • Included "Faculty demo notes" which are teaching notes that explain how the site and tools were being used.
  • "Fake" student names were used to address FERPA issues (FERPA is a United States law that protects student privacy)
  • Some technical limitations on making course sites public, private group forums don't work.
  • Demonstration sites are linked off Showing Demo Courses and everyone can use this site to access the demonstrations
  • Directions are available if you are interested in making your institutions sites public


What are the ongoing joint concerns of the two groups?


  1. Show-and-tell of Sakai facilities to the educational community at large
  2. Sharing support materials among ourselves
    1. Instructions and documentation
    2. Sample courses and components
    3. Support principles and policies, such as controlled increase in the level of detail and complexity
  3. Case studies
  4. Practices and paradigms in the application of particular tools
  5. Discipline-specific courses and methods
  6. War stories

Additional things to add:

  • Provide structured organized feedback on pedagogical and support issues to the developer community
  • Should we be addressing usability issues?
    • UX effort is already working on these issues...could we add to this?
  • Overall points:
    • How can we facilitate input, feedback, comments, in a more efficient manor so that more people can participate in?
    • How can we surface issues to the groups so that it is easy to know what is going on?
    • Should we be publish more in the Newsletter?
      • Someone would need to regularly submit to the newsletter...who?
        • Individuals in each "sub-group" would submit regular updates (3-4 sentences)
        • Margaret could work with folks to check in and help organize summary
        • Sue Roig volunteered to help for the T&L, staff from Winsor could help with End User
        • Margaret will follow up on a schedule for reports

How can those joint concerns be efficiently addressed?

  1. Cross-representation
  2. Joint conference calls
    1. Regularly scheduled or ad hoc?
    2. Videoconferencing via the Sakai Bridge or conference call via Marist service?
    3. A take-away from each meeting? Someone could present, for 15-20 minutes, an item from one of the categories above.

Purpose, participation, and procedures.

Next Joint Meeting

  • Schedule, agenda, moderator, note-taker
  • Takeaway: Carol Rhodes on rebranding Captiva? Guided tour of Sakai 3?