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  • Eileen has just finished lecture and wants to post the images she presented in class to her course website so students can access them in the future.
  • Eileen wants to put together a study guide collection for the midterm. She'll use various images from course lectures so far.
  • Eileen remembers a collection she created for Intro to Art History class last semester that she'd like to re-purpose for this semester in a different class. She'll need to remove some images, add others & re-organize around next week's topic.
  • The collection Eileen has been creating over the past week is still missing one image. She thinks she's used it elsewhere in this class – or was that another class?
  • Eileen is excited to pilot the Image Gallery Tool. She has quite a few images already in her course sites in the Resources Tool. She'd like to get them all displayed in her Image Galleries.

Use Cases

  • View "All Images"

Use Case Diagram

All Users (Instructor, TA, Student)

  • View Collection (auto & user created)
  • View thumbnails of images
  • View list of images
  • View slideshow
  • View image info within collection
  • View detailed image
  • View full screen image
  • Find image using filename
  • Find image using X tag
  • Download image (should everyone really be able to do this?)

Instructors & TAs only

  • Re-order collections
  • Create collection
  • Add image(s) to collection
  • Edit collection information
  • Remove image from collection
  • Re-order images within collection
  • Add image to IG from within Sakai
  • Upload image to IG
  • Add info to All Images (Batch)
  • Add info to individual image
  • Flag image (Could this be for all users?)
  • Delete image
  • Edit OTHER info about image
  • Edit title, description or tags