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Issue Type

Definition for Sakai


An error in design or implementation which directly impedes a user from achieving their expected result.


A new capability being added to Sakai.

Feature Request

A desired capability, which may be selected for implementation in a future release of Sakai.

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Contributed Patch

A community-contributed patch to a particular version of sakai. The origin of such issues may lie in Bugs or Feature Requests which Sakai has not yet evaluated for implementation. Under such circumstances a linked issue is generally created by cloning the orignal issue in order to track Sakai's work on the issue. [Use at your own risk!]



  • Issue is vetted for accuracy and completeness of information.
  • A matching Bug or Feature Request issue is generated to track Sakai's design and development progress on addressing the issue and is linked to the original Contributed Patch issue.
  • What exactly happens next is being determined as part of our ongoing development of a community requirements process. The current practice is:
    • Contributed Patches, like Feature Requests, are evaluated for inclusion in a Sakai release.
    • In some cases, a Contributed Patch may run counter to the Sakai design and cannot be incoporated, then the corresponding Bug issue will be marked as Won't Fix and an explanation as to why provided.

General Workflow


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