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Issue Type

Definition for Sakai


An error in design or implementation which directly impedes a user from achieving their expected result.


A new capability being added to Sakai.

Feature Request

A desired capability, which may be selected for implementation in a future release of Sakai.

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Contributed Patch

A community-contributed patch to a particular version of sakai. The origin of such issues may lie in Bugs or Feature Requests which Sakai has not yet evaluated for implementation. Under such circumstances a linked issue is generally created by cloning the orignal issue in order to track Sakai's work on the issue. [Use at your own risk!]



  1. A Bug or Task issue is assigned to someone to work on.
  2. Work begins on issue. Issue is updated, modified, re-assigned, etc. as necessary to achieve resolution.
  3. When work is done, Issue the issue is resolved Resolved as "Fixed" (or "Won't Fix" if necessary), and meta-data fields are updated accordingly:
    • Fix Version:
      • In general the Fix Version is set to "Nightly/SVN-Trunk".
      • At Feature Freeze, all the resolved issues are evaluated for inclusion in the release, and those that are selected have their Fix Version updated to the first interim release (e.g.,
      • After Feature Freeze, and during QA, if an issue is intended for a specific interim release, then the Fix Version is set to the appropriate iterim release (e.g.,, or, if it is unclear to Nightly/SVN-Trunk (and the release team will update it as necessary).
    • For Tasks, the issue maybe Closed, if there is nothing clear for QA to test. The succesful implementation of the Task will be exercised by QA functionality testing against the new feature set for the release.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance (QA)