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Issue Type

Definition for Sakai


An error in design or implementation which directly impedes a user from achieving their expected result.


A new capability being added to Sakai.

Feature Request

A desired capability, which may be selected for implementation in a future release of Sakai.

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Contributed Patch

A community-contributed patch to a particular version of sakai. The origin of such issues may lie in Bugs or Feature Requests which Sakai has not yet evaluated for implementation. Under such circumstances a linked issue is generally created by cloning the orignal issue in order to track Sakai's work on the issue. [Use at your own risk!]



After a release is made, the interim QA release versions are merged into the last QA version number for clarity, (i.e.,,,, , and , and were merged into, and that version is renamed to the release version (i.e., 2.1.0).