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Welcome to Sakai!

The best place to find general information on Sakai is the Sakai Project website. (New to Sakai?

This system, Confluence, is a wiki used to coordinate activities and share information within the Sakai community. Confluence was selected for this purpose as it is tightly integrated with Jira, the issue tracking system used to coordinate design and development activities in Sakai. The community also uses an instance of Sakai to facilitate community collaboration, known as Collab (

Listed below are a few broad areas of community activity that are of general interest to a wide audience. These areas represent good starting points for learning more about or engaging in the Sakai community. A complete list of community activities can be found in the Directory. Most community activities have a presence in both Confluence and Collab; using the later mainly to support groups' email lists.

Please see the Sakai website ( for general information about Sakai, such as:


Questions? Contact Us
Email list: none or openforum?
Collab Site: none or openforum?
Meetings: No regularly scheduled meetings.

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