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Q: When will 3.0 be ready for pilot? We are wanting a system by fall 2010 but want to start piloting this fall.
A: If you are looking for a full featured LMS for Fall (northern hemisphere) 2010, Sakai 2.7 will be the best candidate. It will contain some of the features of Sakai 3 and will therefore make an excellent transition point to Sakai 3.
There is information about Sakai 3 on the Sakai Project website and wiki. Preview versions of 3 will likely become available for piloting starting later this year, however, they will initially only provide partial functionality. You should consider how you might balance your need for functionality, aversion to risk, and gaining experience early to determine when it would be best for you to begin exploring Sakai 3.



User Experience Questions

Q: I really like Sakai but think it might be hard to train users not to use the ""back"" button, which leads to unpredictable behavior due to the number of iFrames in Sakai. How do you handle that?
A: This was a signifigant problem in early versions of Sakai but has improved over the years. It is not a big issue at Marist. University of Delaware and Stanford University confirm that it is not a significant issue for them. It is unlikely to be a problem in Sakai 3, which is being designed with back-button support in mind.