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Issue Type

Definition for Sakai


An error in design or implementation which directly impedes a user from achieving their expected result.


A new capability being added to Sakai.

Feature Request/Requirement

A desired capability, for inclusion in a future release of Sakai; ideas that come with resources interested in implementing them are more likely to be developed than those offered with the hope that someone else will step forward to do the work.

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Contributed Patch

A community-contributed patch to a particular version of Sakai. The origin of such issues may lie in Bugs or Feature Requests which Sakai has not yet evaluated for implementation. Under such circumstances a linked issue is generally created by cloning the original issue in order to track Sakai's work on the issue. [Use at your own risk!]



An experimental branch of code, which may or may not be merged back into the main code after the experiment completes; identified in SVN by a branch named with the Jira Key.


  • Affects Version - Version(s) in which an issue is observed, as is generally the case for Bugs, Feature Requests, Contributed Patches, or version "relative to which a change is planned", as is generally the case for Tasks or Branches. This should never be set to a " future" , unreleased version of Sakai, e.g., Post-2.1.2; issues should only affect Sakai relative to a known existing version.
  • Target Version - Version(s) for which an issue will be fixed. This could be a "future" version of Sakai, or left as Unknown (the default).
  • Fix Version - Version(s) into which the fix for an issue has been merged. This should almost always be Nightly/SVN-Trunk when first resolving an issue as Fixed, wait to add other versions, such as maintenance branches, until the appropriate merges have been completed.