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  • JA-SIG Spring 2008 (Sakai Meetings)

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  • Products and Project Management Thread
    • My Top 5 Priorities for the next release of Sakai (Michael Korcuska)
      • "Things I want", not necessarily "Things I'm working on." Can shared priorities be found?
      • 5 minutes per person
    • Exploration of new models which would provide resources to address priorities outside of institutional goals (e.g. how do we ever get around to normalizing all of the XML LOBs in the database when our faculty could care less about this?). (Lance Speelmon, Michael Korcuska)
    • Future of contrib-provisional-core track?
    • What would a stronger product management focus mean? Where what's included with the release might arise from a coherent product definition and trajectory rather than the sum of all things that developers have completed at a certain date.
    • Potential changes to the schedule that might come from releasing based on product goals rather than fixed dates?
    • QA (Megan May)
      • Possible changes to the sort of testing carried out during QA (e.g. performance testing as a standard matter?)
      • New position
      • Incorporating Static Code Review
      • Development of generic test environment
      • 2.5 Functional Test scripts