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Comment: Updating priorities


If someone is basing their deployment on a maintenance branch, then there is the potential for confusion when using it as Affects Version, since the maintenance branch is a moving target. When reporting issues, it is important to indicate the revision number in the issue, so that folks know to which revision of the maintenance branch you are reporting the issue against. Even better is to determine if the issue affects the last maintenance release, and, if it does, use that as the Affects Version instead.

Priority (Updated for Sakai 12, inspired by Drupal priorities)

The Priority field in Jira is used by Sakai to reflect a combination of issue characteristics, including:


In practice, the Jira Priority field is utilized by Sakai at two times: during prioritization of feature requests/branches/contributed patches for implementation or merging, and when making decisions on what will actually appear in a release. Initial priorities, when an issue is first reported, may be changed to reflect needs as a release moves forward and priorities evolve. Every issue comes in as Major priority and each Jira is triaged to determine the appropriate priority.

As a release date approaches, priorities will also be adjusted - and lowered, if necessary - to reflect the decreasing availability of time and resources.

Issues that might be resolved before a release


Basic Definition for Sakai

Impact on previous releasesExamples


Release will not be completed until issue is resolved. An example would be a severe problem that bridges multiple tools, or prevents core functionality in one tool.

Image Removed Critical

Issue will most likely be resolved for release.

Image Removed Major

Issue should be resolved for release.

Image Removed Minor

Backported at least 2 major version (if applicable/affects). Potentially more than 2.
  • Render a site unusable and have no workaround.
  • Cause loss/corruption of stored data. (Lost user input, e.g. a failed form submission, is not the same thing as data loss and in most cases is major).
  • Expose serious security vulnerabilities.

Image Added Critical

Issue will most likely be resolved for release.

Backported 1 major version back. 2 if applicable/affects and if no code conflict.
  • Interfere with normal site visitors' use of the site (for example, content in the wrong language, or validation errors for regular form submissions), even if there is a workaround.
  • Trigger a Java error through the user interface, but only under rare circumstances or affecting only a small percentage of all users, even if there is a workaround.
  • Render one feature unusable with no workaround.

Image Added Major

Issue should be resolved for release.

Backported 1 major version back if no code conflict
  • Admin- or developer-facing bugs with a workaround.
  • Bugs for site visitors that do not interfere with site use, for example, visual layout issues.

Image Added Minor (Previously also Trivial)

Issue may be resolved for release.

Image Removed Trivial

Not backported
  • Used for cosmetic issues that do not inhibit the functionality or main purpose of the project.