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  • Multiple feeds per tool
  • Multiple tool instances per site
  • Customizable tool and page titles
  • Feed attachments (enclosures)
  • News feed source:
    • User provided feeds (manually entering URL in UI)
    • Institutional provided feeds (pre-configured institutional list) read from:
      • Provider (to customize list accordingly to site and/or user)
  • Support for unsecure (http) or secure (https with CA or self-signed certificates) source URLs
  • Feeds requiring authentication:
    • BASIC authentication
    • DIGEST authentication
    • Protected feeds from the same Sakai instance running (eg, a RWiki feed)
  • Option to combine all feed subscriptions and present as a single feed
  • Server-side caching of feeds
  • Configurable filter:
    • All feeds, today feeds, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 5 feeds, last 10 feeds
  • Configurable level of detail:
    • Detailed (feed title and description, feed entry title and contents)
    • Titles (feed title and feed entry title)
    • Compact (feed title and feed entry count)
  • Import/Export feeds subscriptions list (OPML format)
  • Permissions page
  • Migration from the bundle news tool bundled with Sakai ( (see Configuration Options for details)