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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Requirements

  • Checkout NewsFeeds code to your Sakai source directory:
  • Additionally, for Sakai 2.4.x:
    • entity-broker: 1.2.0
    • Some jars must be manually added to local maven repository (2.4.x only):
      • Execute from the checked out newsfeeds source folder:
        • mkdir -p ~/.maven/repository/org.wicketstuff/jars/
        • cp lib/wicketstuff-dojo-1.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar ~/.maven/repository/org.wicketstuff/jars/

2. Installation (offline)

  1. Change your current directory to the recently downloaded {newsfeeds}/ folder
    cd newsfeeds
  2. Edit pom.xml file and change the version tag to reflect sakai version
  3. Run Maven to compile NewsFeeds (replace {tomcat_folder} with the path to your tomcat folder):
    • For Sakai 2.4.x, use Maven 1:
      • maven -Dmaven.tomcat.home={tomcat_folder} sakai
    • For Sakai >= 2.5 or trunk, use Maven 2:
      • Make sure to delete the previous API jar named {tomcat_folder}/shared/lib/sakai-feeds-api-*.jar
      • mvn -Dmaven.tomcat.home={tomcat_folder} clean install sakai:deploy

3. Configuration (offline)

Please refer to the Configuration Options page for more information.

4. Sakai setup (online)

4.1. Setup tool permissions (only for non-My Workspace sites)

  1. Startup tomcat if not started yet
  2. Setup tool permissions for the maintain and Instructor role on the !site.template and !site.template.course templates:
    1. Click Realm
    2. Click !site.template
    3. Click Role Id - maintain
    4. Check:
      • feeds.subscribe box to grant an user permission to subscribe news feeds
    5. Click the Done Button
    6. Repeat for the Instructor role on the !site.template.course realm
    7. Repeat for the realms of existing sites or use a script for the effect

4.2. Add the NewsFeeds tool to a site

Use the 'Worksite setup' or the 'Site Info' tool to add NewsFeeds to a Sakai site:

  1. click 'Add tools' link
  2. select 'News Feeds' tool
  3. click 'Continue' to save changes