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  • 2007-01-22 Conference Call

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Agenda Item 1: Status Reports

  • Project management
    • Status of creating Jira tasks
    • Jira filter - Peter
      • Two new Jira filters made (OSP Bugs and OSP Tasks). Feedback is needed on the results of those filters.
  • Goal Management Integration
    • Workload - Jim and John?
      • Jim - estimate
        will be finished around Feb 2.
        is currently assigned to me, but I thought this was to be assigned to Brooke. Is this still the case? I may be able to help but have to finish the following items first:
        and OSP-GM-01 (which still needs to be finalized and needs a Jira item, see below). There are additional GM related issues that should be addressed as well, not related to any OSP specific requirements:
        , other outstanding issues
      • Jim - regarding OSP-GM-01: At the very least, I can make this configurable in the goal management tool placement. If time permits, I could make this configurable for each goal set...but there are no guarantees.
    • How to get code for contrib module into a test instance
      • John Ellis will coordinate getting an instance IU to be set up with Goal Management compiled in for testing
      • Jim - Could this be done with a custom subversion externals?
  • UI
    • Service level work status and OSP-UI-04, OSP-UI-05
      • Jim Eng probably isn't aware of the need to do this work. Needs to be coordinated at UMich.
    • Results of meeting between UMich and IU to discuss dividing up Type II UI requirements
      • Chis M is working on OSP-UI-7 and 9.
    • Jira tasks from Jim Eng related to resources
      • John Ellis has been in contact with Jim Eng. He should be ready for John sometime this week. He will need to work an additional week or two beyond that.
    • Jira tasks related to Beth and Gonzalo's work in UI and WF
      • Beth finished OSP-WF 1,2 and 3 and will be working on deleted a published matrix by the end of the week.
      • Gonzalo - OSP-UI-03 - needs feedback on what elements need to repeated and will ask the list
    • OSP-UI-13 rewrite - Gonzalo
      • he will delete OSP-UI-13 and incorporate everything into OSP-UI-01 and 03
  • Documentation
    • rSmart documentation model - Hannah
      • Still in discussion. Will update us next week.
    • Status of javadoc decision from framework group - Lance
      • This issue depends on move from maven 1.0.2 to maven 2.0
    • The OSP web site - Will Trillich and Jay Fern were working together on this. Jay is gone.
    • Wende will be contacted this week to give an update on the community library status.
  • Authoring Flexibility
    • Jira tasks for IUPUI's matrix hiding feature
      • No design work has been done. This is probably out of scope. Jan thinks it would be useful to be able archive old data or deprecate a matrix so it doesn't show up in dropdown lists when creating portfolio presentations from matrices. This is probably not in scope for 2.4.
    • Testing of OSP-WF-01 and 02 - Dawn
      • Dawn tested OSP-WF-01 and writing test cases for 02 for Marist to test?
      • Sean will help Dawn will need help with the Goal Management test scripts. She also needs help with the report test scripts.
      • Dawn would like to use the IU instance for testing of GM.
  • Reports
    • Diversity of reports - confluence page for needed reports
      • Brooke and Jan will be working to generate some of those report ideas. There is some concern that asking the community for ideas will raise expectations that those reports will be in the 2.4 release.
      • Brad has been working on sample reports. (Pending cell submissions, pending evaluations, lists users and submitted attachments, evaluation statistics for a specific matrix).
    • Report template design - Brooke
  • Builders
    • What's going on with UCF?
      • They have gotten through all the legal questions/hoops and are working with Inidiana to integrate the builder for 2.4.YEAH!
  • QA
    • Status of posting use cases to aid in test cases- Sean, Jan/Hannah and Melissa
      • Melissa, Hannah, Jan, & Sean will have a seperate conversation about this
    • Whats's going on with Marist? Are they in the loop? What can we start them on to get them up to speed?
      • Dawn has been in contact with Marist and has taken the lead in bringing them up to speed.

Agenda Item 2: Are we using our resources wisely?

  • who has too much?
  • who is "waiting" for things to do?
  • will we get it all done?

Agenda Item 3: Development Notes

  • Update year in copyright when checking in files