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  • 2009-06-08 Conference Call

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Meeting minutes for June 8, 2009

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status
    • 2.6 QA Testing Status
    • SAK-15541 Evaluators from different groups click on evaluations and get a 500 error. Fixed.
    • SAK-16004 Portfolios: Downloading a portfolio throws an exception. Fixed.
    • SAK-16045 Free Form Portfolio: Page can be added without selecting a Layout. Fixed.
    • SAK-16340 Item Level feedback restrictions not honored for "Other Evidence". Fixed.
      If anyone has any insight, helping reproduce or looking into the source of the problem your help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Sakai/OSP 2.7 and beyond Development Status
    • In Matrices, "manage status for all users" only changes current user Fixed in IU branch. Will be merged to trunk next week with the rest of the IU changes.
    • Make the Manage Status function in Matrices and Wizards Group Aware Fixed in IU branch. Will be merged next week.
    • SAK-14165 Portfolio assembly is slow with many completed Forms. Noah has a patch that Beth will be looking at and testing.
    • SAK-12922 Configuring OSP to run successfully without autoddl enabled. Originally autoddl was just to do table creation, but over time other initializations have been added. It would be good to separate out the original table creation from the initialization. Pending someone volunteering to take a look we will either keep this issue on the list or table it.
    • Merge to Trunk Status: Indiana University Matrices Enhancements. In a branch and should be merged sometime next week.
    • OSP Help and IU KB: Lynn contacted Beth and is working on scheduling a time for Jonathan Bolte to facilitate a discussion about maintaining the help in the IU Knowledge Base.
    • Sakai Conference Update: Planning to do an OSP User Experience panel, will be sending an email out soon to touch base about this.
    • CRIM Enhancements:
      • Working on enhancements for the Matrix. Built new functionality for a residency program at their institution, which enables reflection sharing at the form level.
      • Resident can go to matrix and write reflections on competencies and then share that reflection with others for comment. For example, Resident 1 writes a reflection on a competency. The resident then clicks the icon that allows him to share his reflection with others who can then add comments to Resident 1's reflection. Resident 2 will receive an email telling him he can comment on the reflection. The comments shared by Resident 2 are private and can only be seen by Resident 1.
        Note: The people you share with cannot see the comments provided by others with whom the reflections have been shared.
      • How do you determine which users can be shared with? Users can share with everyone in the site.
      • We would need a way to enable/disable this functionality before we could merge this in.
      • We don't believe this is in conflict with the work that was done by Indiana.
      • They may need more flexibility in identifying the roles that can be shared with. Beth suggests that CRIM leverage the work that Indiana has done in creating another matrix level permission to allow users to be in this group of peers who can provide feedback.
      • Would like CRIM to create a wiki page that summarizes the changes they've made. There is a template linked off of the main OSP confluence page that CRIM can use for describing their changes and can fill it out in whatever level of detail is appropriate.
      • CRIM will also need to take their changes and merge them against the changes that Indiana has done. Indiana's changes are not currently in Sakai trunk, but should be this week.
      • CRIM should make a branch off of trunk and then the OSP community will review their changes. We may put these changes up on an OSP QA server to review prior to merging into trunk.
      • Once CRIM has filled out the template and merged their changes into the current build, the OSP community will review them once again and once any issues have been addressed, the code would be merged to trunk.
      • CRIM needs to remove the GWT references in their code. Beth will send their approach to users clicking somewhere else.
      • It will be really important to determine who shows up in the list of people you can share with, right now it looks like it's all of the people on the system. We'll need a more generic solution.
      • We have changed the action links in Matrices from images to text, so CRIM will need to change that.
      • To recap, fill out the design template, create a subversion branch, and add the concerns that Noah just brought up to the design wiki page that we will review once the merge is complete.
      • The main concern is that this code is a little more generalizable, but they do seem to be great additions.
      • Additional questions: Jan: The question is where do we get this list of users that the resident can pick from and if it's from the system, it won't work for larger implementations. CRIM will try to find another solution to resolve this matter.
      • Path forward: Create a functional overview of changes, apply changes toward a branch (sandbox - safe place to review and test b4 moving into trunk repository)
  3. Miscellaneous
    • Jan has a few questions about community work on OSP Help:
      • Moving from current state 2.4 to 2.6. Concerned about the process of revising as a committe. In the old OSP help, there are screenshots that come from the Rsmart CLE. How do we make the help more vanilla so that it doesn't include proprietary information? Which tools should be part of the process and which should not (e.g., Goal Management)?
      • Has received verbal confirmation of volunteers from several different institutions.
      • Set up a page for volunteer sign-up. You need to indicate your organization name and a lead name.
      • Ran out of time for this conversation. Jan will post these questions and others on the volunteer page.
      • There is a link on the meeting page under OSP Help and IUPUI KB called OSP 2.6 Help Volunteer Sign-Up. Everyone please take a look at Jan's sign-up sheet and we will discuss any questions that come up when Jonathan Bolte is on the call.
    • Help documentation:
      • Upgrade screenshots to 2.6, great deal of text would have to be further modified
      • Is there a group sense of which way to go? Strong proponent of screenshots where appropriate, but suffer the problem of becoming out-of-date.
      • Take screenshots from instance of Sakai 2.6, make them very clean.
      • Take out all references to rsmart CLE.
      • Include goal management help or not? Agreed to take it out of this project, make it a separate project.
      • Could we use confluence to post the old content and new revisions? Put old and new content in Confluence.
      • One last thing, there are some tools that have osp-related content in them (Assignments, Resources, Worksite Setup). For example, adding a form instance in Resources is a section.
      • Encourage those of you who have already spoken up to sign up and remember it's first come first serve.
      • Talked about dividing up the huge tools.
      • Asked Jan to add a notes column to sign-up sheet.
      • What is the deadline? We don't really have a time frame, sometime in the fall.
      • Should we use Jira to assign tasks and such? Consensus is no, keep it simple and use Confluence.
      • Will has volunteered to assist with screenshots.