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OSP 2.6 will be synchronized with the Sakai 2.6 release with a current target release Spring 2009.

A short summary of OSP 2.6 changes is described at Sakai 2.6 Overview.

Overview of Changes Implemented for Sakai 2.6


  • SAK-14417 - Redesign Portfolio User Experience
  • SAK-8638 - Ability to edit and delete feedback and evaluations
  • SAK-10139 - Aggregation of Evaluations across sites via My Workspace
  • SAK-11545 - Better group awareness and filtering in Wizards tool
  • SAK-12154 - Ability to apply an OSP Style to more screens of a Matrix
  • SAK-13406 - Ability to control allowed general and item-specific feedback (0, 1, many) in Matrices and Wizards


  • SAK-11449 - Adding contextual cues to audience selection pages
  • SAK-12101 - Ability for learners to review their own submitted materials more easily within a cell
  • SAK-13192 - Including inviter's email address in portfolio sharing notifications
  • SAK-13410 - Moving some Matrix styling to CSS to allow Style to adjust more UI
  • SAK-14096 - Matrix name configuration after publication
  • SAK-14214 - Optional sharing screen limit for users in a given role
  • SAK-14279 - Avoid wasteful calls to resolveUuid
  • SAK-14280 - Improve efficiency of form handling by caching schemas

Complete List of OSP JIRA Issues Resolved in Sakai 2.6 is also available

Past Planning Meetings

A two-day OSP 2.6 Planning Meeting at IUPUI was held on October 22-23rd, 2007, in Indianapolis, Indiana (UITS Building).

More Travel Information on transportation from airport and hotels is available here.

Planning Meeting Breakout Sessions