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  • 2007-02-12 Conference Call

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UM - changes in leads
Will rearrange Design and Development (2.4) page to make progress easier to tell at a glance how things are going
rSmart will be working on some improvements for rSmart CLE - question as to should these also go into general release (changes to OSP portal, mostly changes that end user will not see)
Noah Botimer: report on an Eclipse plugin to generate reports



OSP-UI-1 done
OSP-UI-3 done
OSP-UI-4 done from the OSP side - work needs to be ported to the regular resources view
OSP-UI-5 done
OSP-UI-8 done
OSP-UI-6 need to spend a little time figuring out design - not on table for 2.4
OSP-UI-7 pretty much done - waiting for feedback from QA
OSP-UI-8 done
OSP-UI-9 pretty much done - waiting for feedback from QA
OSP-UI-10 Josh Ryan made progress, more this week
OSP-UI-11 defined, no one working on this (probably Beth and Gonzalo) - check on GM possibly satisfying this requirement. Long range: adding assignments to cells!
OSP-UI-12 not done
OSP-UI-13 wireframes posted, calling for comments - 2 main feedback points 1) method of choosing form type; 2) metadada - useful? how pick what metadata?
OSP-UI-14 Beth will merge this one with matrix AUTH correlate
OSP-UI-15 still available - volunteers!
OSP-UI-16 post 2.4
OSP-UI-17 still available - volunteers!
OSP-UI-18 post 2.4
OSP-UI-19 (open JIRA issues) - will close remaining one (SAK-5852) this week


Great progress, will have full report next week


OSP-WF-01 done, needs testing
OSP-WF-02 done, needs testing
OSP-WF-03 done for matrix, tbd for wizards in next couple weekss
OSP-WF-04 post 2.4
OSP-WF-05 matrix completed - need comments on how it was done - preview wizards tbd, in progress
OSP-WF-06 matrix completed - need comments on how it was done - preview wizards tbd, in progress
OSP-WF-07 post 2.4


Sean will send a note for feedback next week


Brad provided analysis to Florida on how to get the integration going
Florida will send note to list when done so that it can be checked out