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A scaffolded portfolio is implemented with an OSP Portfolio Template and generic Forms, using one Form per page of the final presentation. The intensive work with learners has concentrated on showcasing previous accomplishments in leadership and research, so the pages fall in two categories: Basic Page and Example of Work. This augmented editing mode for Metaobj Forms is locally referred to as the "Page Composer".

Note that this work depends on functionality that is included in Sakai 2.5.0, but can be included in 2.4.x. In fact, U-M currently uses it in production 2.4.x. See the Page Composer 2.4.x Compatibility Notes for more details.

You may download a comprehensive package for trying out the Scaffolded Portfolio / Page Composer. Included in are all of the materials and instructions to set up a Scaffolded Portfolio we call the Leadership Portfolio with minimal effort. It can be ready for use in about 15 minutes on the standard Sakai 2.5.0 release, without requiring any restarts or configuration changes. See the README.txt file for a quick-start and the docs/ directory for a detailed walkthrough.

Download to try the Scaffolded Portfolio and Page Composer
View a Camtasia video of the Page Composer

Issues being addressed:

  • Lack of context and styling
  • Ease of losing work
  • Expressiveness
  • Sustainability across projects


When editing content that is personal and intended to have specific styling, it is very easy to spend a great deal of time in one editing session. Given that the content is meaningful and takes extended effort to create, it is very frustrating to lose this work. Any number of small mistakes or glitches - such as hitting backspace without a text field selected or a network connection dropping - can cause confounding loss of work.