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OpenSyllabus Roadmap is a big-picture view of functionality, ideas and hopes we expect OpenSyllabus to include in mid-term and long-term future. This roadmap is based on feedback from current OpenSyllabus developers and Sakai community members. The following items are listed in the order of our actual priorities:

  • Course Outline Sharing (CO sharable content) .
    Ressources and texts could be shared among different Course Outlines. For instance, different COs can inherit basic content (resources & texts) from a Master CO. A course delivered by different teachers could share one Master CO. This allows each teacher to build a different CO from the inherited Master CO. Inherited content could not be edited but new content could be added.
  • Integration to Academic Information System
  • UX improvement
  • Drag & Drop Mechanism for syllabus structure tree
  • OSYL setting management tool
    It is a friendly tool dedicated to SAKAI administrators for managing OSYL configuration. It allows the setting of different configurations according to
    • the university or department standards
    • different course outline structures
    • specific vocabulary and terminology
  • Resources copyright Management
  • Resources tagging attributes : available at library, available at bookstore, etc
  • Course display format :
    • Course Outline Export Format (PDF, XML)
    • Global/Lengthy Course Outline View
  • Integration to other related Sakai Tools :
    Citation Tool, SCORM Player, Forum, Wiki , Exercises, Podcast, new Sakai Portal MyCamTools, etc.
  • Mathematical Equations Enabling
  • Learning Module Encapsulation and Sharing
  • User Feedback Management
  • Offline capabilities (Google Gears ?)