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Comment: Add links to the Paris Conf presentations. TODO:Ask Olivier Gerbe to add his presentation


  • The prototype exploits Google Web Toolkit library (GWT to provide a quick and friendly user interface.  The structure and the content of the syllabus are described in a structured XML file.  OpenSyllabus/GWT shell can create, display and modify the XML file which is then stored in Sakai.  The XML file also contains the unique URLs to access all the other resources (Power Point, citation, forum, etc.) contained in the syllabus.  The prototype can thus exploit all the resources and features available in Sakai yet can keep the information in a XML format for possible sharing or export.
  • Three presentations are scheduled at the 9th Sakai conference in Paris:
    • Open Syllabus : A Prototype Tool to Create Structured Syllabi in Sakai
      OpenSyllabus: A prototype tool.ppt
    • How to Share Electronic Course Syllabi : Open Syllabus, SCORM and IMS-CP
    • Sakai & GWT - Toward Improved UX & Easy Web 2.0 Development all in Java
      Sakai and GWT.pdf