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WG: Performance

Lead(s): Linda M Place


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Scalability and Performance issues to watch

Add issues to this page that are related to scalability and performance:

Community Performance Testing Effort

title_Performance Testing Area_

Community Performance Testing Resources

For the past year, an effort has been underway to enable all Sakai Community members to participate in performance testing without needing to make significant resource expenditure. A Proof of Concept (see slides) for this initiative was presented at the 9th Sakai Conference in Paris, 1 July 2008. Shared resources for this effort, including "how to" documents, environment provisioning materials, Grinder scripts, use case scenarios, and test results, are located in this space.

NOTE: Resources being added regularly as contributions from members are available.

Performance Test Results

2.4 and 2.5 Tool Tests

  • University of Michigan performance test results for a subset of Sakai 2.5 tools.

chat2 patch testing

  • University of Michigan performance test results for the sak-13274 patch of the chat2 tool.

Samigo Load Test

  • Stanford University, University of Michigan, and UNICON collaborated on early performance testing of Tests and Quizzes.

Performance Testing Vanilla Sakai

  • John Wiley and Sons, Inc. and UNICON collaborated on performance testing of a Cafe distribution of Sakai 2.5.x.

Alternative Performance Testing Shared Resources

jMeter Scripts
While the Performance Working Group encourages the use of The Grinder for the community testing effort, some campuses may wish to use jMeter. Please share your scripts with others here.

Performance Working Group Plans, Updates, Presentations


Presentations and BOFs