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  • 3-11-2009 Conference Call

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  • Michael will release a concept document in the next weeks.
  • We need a new process to share our requirements with developers.
  • Kate: IU has a process. Here is a link to somewhat outdated information:!gateway/page/895a1a30-ac76-483c-8040-9ff3946d1c6c
    • Attachment to this page of rough notes
    • Two committees that guide development
      • FRC: Staff from teaching centers, IT, prioritize suggestions for enhancements and makes recommendations to the OPC ***
      • OPC: Mostly faculty--decides what development work will go forward
    • Getting the new LMS at par with the old one was the first big task.
    • "Suggestions" / requests come from many places:
        • Summary by suggestions analysis team from input from web-based form
        • FRC members through their work with faculty and staff
        • Requests from departments & schools for substantial enhancements and new functionality
        • List of known issues, not bugs but "unexpected behaviors".
        • Survey to users which generated list of top ten requests
        • analysis of previous suggestions
      • FRC does more work than prioritize and make recommendations.
      • Evaluates new tools, such as Mneme, Samigo, BlogWow
      • Interaction with FRC and developer team lead, functional analyst, and designer.
      • OPC reviews recommendations
      • Decide which tools need more design work.
      • Dev team makes time estimate for enhancement, sends it to OPC.
      • Strong leadership and committed resources are the is keys to success, IMHO. Also--flexible evolving process
      • User-driven, not dev-driven.